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I always thought that I had the perfect life. I have a handsome husband who makes me feel desired with a body that I want to lick every time he enters the room. I have my flower shop where I get to spend my days creating beautiful flower arrangements. Everything changed the day of my car accident. I began having dreams of a world filled with magic. As a Fae princess, I have power over the Earth element. But not only that, in this world I have a mate. He is very persistent and demands that we are fated mates. This man is the most handsome man that I have ever encountered and with every kiss and touch I feel more alive than ever. He captures my attention every time that I am near him, and makes me feel things that I should not feel. I want to feel possessed by this man, always.


Here is where the problem lies. I am confused; what is fantasy and what is not? How can I feel destined to be in both places? Why does my dream feel more real than my reality? Am I losing my mind?

Signed copy of Delusional Dreams

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