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Extended Epilogue

Oliviana - 5 years later

I’m resting so peacefully when I feel hands roaming my body. Nothing is better than waking up to my husband touching me, especially if this is a continuation of the amazing sex dream I just had.

I’m awake now, but I keep my eyes closed. I want to know what he’s going to do now. He needs to hurry or else our kids will come barreling into our room and start asking for food. Those three are always hungry.

It seems my mate is also hungry for his breakfast.

Jace starts moving his hands down my legs and peppering kisses on my thighs. I really like where this is going.

I got used to sleeping with one of his oversize shirts and no panties. This gives Jace easy access so we don’t waste time undressing. Being parents has changed everything in our life. But the most difficult part is having privacy. It’s very difficult to have a moment alone without interruptions where we can enjoy each other.

I would never change it for anything.

We found happiness in our family. Jace has made all of our dreams come true. We created a beautiful family of five. Three years after the twins were born I got pregnant again. We had another boy who we named Lyam. He is a carbon copy of his father. He looks exactly the same as Jace when he was younger. As a toddler, he even smells like the salty ocean where his dad grew up. I have to be careful with that one because he’s going to break a lot of hearts in his own story one day.

Focusing back on my husband, I open my eyes and see him pulling my shirt up to my tits and looking at my center with hunger in his eyes. He looks up and sees me watching him. He gives me a sexy smirk and blows a misty air on my core.

“You are wet, and I haven’t even touched you yet.” He is right. I’m so soaked I’m glistening.

Of course, he’s right. I’m always wet for him. What can I say? I have a sexy as fuck mate that gets better with time, and I can’t get enough of him. I’m insatiable. But so is Jace.

“What are you going to do about it?” I ask him. “You need to hurry up before the kids interrupt us.”

He smiles and says, “While you were sleeping, our moms snuck by and picked them up to take them to the beach. They’re not coming back until tomorrow morning. We have twenty-four hours to ourselves.”

That sounds nice. I’m practically purring. Smiling at Jace, I say, “What are we going to do alone for twenty-four hours? Do you have any idea?”

I’m trying to play coy, twirling a strand of hair around my finger as Jace moves so that he is lying on the bed, looking directly into my pussy.

“Oh, my morning glory, I have everything planned for us today, and my plan starts with keeping you naked. I plan to keep us in our birthday suits during these twenty-four hours and do not have plans to leave this bed unless it is to use the restroom, get more food, or maybe fuck somewhere else… but for nothing else, nothing else at all. How does that sound?”

“I think this is the best idea you’ve had in the last year.” I’m panting, and I need him in me now.

Jace looks down at my core and blows hot, moist air into my folds again. I squirm on the bed and want to open my legs for him, but his hands are on both sides of my legs, holding them together. I can’t do anything, and he knows it.

Jace bends down and licks my lower lips. I moan loud, and he repeats the motion over and over. He opens my lips in order to get to my clit with his tongue, and it feels glorious. The feeling of having my legs trapped by him makes me hornier because I really want to open my legs so he can have better access to my core.

But this doesn’t stop him. He keeps licking and sucking my clit to his mouth, and I’m getting soaked and so ready to be filled by him.

“Jace, please. Let me open my legs. I need you inside me,” I beg him, but he just chuckles and doesn’t stop licking. After several more agonizing minutes of pleasure, he opened my legs and immediately started pumping two of his fingers inside me at the same time as he sucks my clit.

I am coming in a matter of seconds and yelling his name. He doesn’t stop his assault until I am relaxed and jumping from his touch because I am so sensitive. I am breathing hard. Looking down, I see Jace cleaning his face with his discarded shirt and smiling at me.

He starts moving up my legs, bringing my shirt up over my head to take it off me. Once I’m naked, his eyes roam my body. I feel so sexy even though my body is fuller, my hips wider, and my breasts a little bit saggier than they were before. But hey, that’s expected after breastfeeding three hungry faelings. Yet Jace has always looked at me with the same love and desire.

“I can’t stop looking at you, Livi. You are so beautiful that you take my breath away. After all these years, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that you are mine and only mine.” His love is everything to me. Nothing is better than knowing that your husband still desires you after a lifetime together. “I love you, Jace,” I say, smiling at him.

“I know, and I love you more,'' Jace caresses my sides and brings his hands to my breasts. He pinches my nipples at the same time that he starts kissing my neck. I am lying on my back, still breathing hard from my orgasm. Jace doesn’t wait long. He starts kissing and sucking each of my nipples, making me wild with the need for him. I look at him when he looks up at my face and smirks. He knows what he's doing. Fucking Fae!

Changing direction, Jace kisses my neck while his hands continue playing with my breasts. I sigh when he reaches the back of my ear and breathes me in.

“You smell delicious,” Jace whispers in my right ear before he kisses me. The kiss starts slow but quickly turns wild and desperate. I’m moaning with desire. Begging him with my body, my kisses.

Jace slides my legs wider and positions himself at my entrance. He moves his dick up and down my pussy, coating it with my arousal.

“I want you to scream loud, Livi. No holding back, my love.”

“Yes,” I moan while he starts entering me slowly.

He plays with me at first, barely entering all the way, when suddenly he starts pumping his cock inside me hard and fast. I am looking at Jace while he is staring at where our bodies are connecting.

He looks glorious. His abs contract every time he pushes inside me, and sweat starts to coat his forehead. When he looks at me, I smile at him and move my hand down my breast and play with them before I go lower and start playing with my clit. His dick throbs in me. It turns him on to fuck me while I play with myself.

“I’m getting there, Jace. So fucking close.”

“I know. I can feel your walls gripping my dick hard. Fuck, Livi, I won’t last like this much longer.”

Jace pumps faster, and I explode with sensations all over my body—from the tip of my toes all the way to my head. My vision goes from light to dark, and then I’m surrounded by love. He comes with me with a loud grunt, moaning my name as he falls on my chest with his arms supporting him beside my head. Jace places sweaty kisses in the nook of my collarbone.

“That. Was. Amazing Livi. I hope you are ready because we will not stop until tomorrow.”

“Are you sure that you can keep going?” I question, his dick is still seated inside me, twitching, ready.

“Are you doubting me, Oliviana? Because I can assure you that I will fuck you in every corner of this house until you are sore and can’t walk for days. I’ve been waiting for this. I need you without interruptions.”

“Well, I guess we’ll see if you can deliver,” I say, smiling at my husband. I lift my hips a little and swivel them to feel his length massaging my core.

I know he will deliver. I’m just grateful to have him. I can’t believe that this is our life. I’m so lucky to have found my fated mate so young. We got to know each other well and fell in love along the way. This love will never die, and I hope we can continue making our dreams come true.

Soon we will be crowned king and queen, sharing responsibilities for both the Earth and Ocean Fae. I can’t wait for all the challenges that will come our way. I know that won’t be easy, but with Jace beside me, I can conquer the world. I shudder as he begins moving inside me again, claiming my lips and soul as his.


Holding my mate in my arms is my greatest pleasure. Holding her while she’s still quaking from the aftermath of my loving her thoroughly is even more satisfying. Waking up every morning to watch our children grow fills me with pride. After all these years, I’m enthralled with my family. I believe I desire my mate, my Livi, more and more every day. Rotating my hips, I’m still buried inside my mate and hard. I grin. She may be sleeping for now, but once she wakes from her dreams, I will show my Livi just how much I love her for the rest of our lives even as more stories unfold.

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